March 29, 2017 Michael Stockdell

Once it became clear that the seventy-year experiment with radical socialism had failed, European intellectuals, especially in France, formed a new theory of social relationships (and much else) called postmodernism. Led by Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Julia Kristeva, and others,

A Proposal Regarding Elementary and Secondary Education
March 22, 2017 Michael Stockdell

Every new president comes to office with a bunch of educational experts from academia with briefcases bursting with solutions to the country’s elementary and secondary educational malaise. And every year, tests shows U.S. students performing poorer on standardized tests than

An Amendment to Require Direct Election of the Attorney General
March 15, 2017 Michael Stockdell

The Amendment The position of attorney general of the United States will no longer be a cabinet office but will be elected directly in the Federal election held between Presidential elections.  He or she may not form a ticket with

How I Think About Things
March 8, 2017 Michael Stockdell

I made a pact with myself when I was in college majoring in English literature. I would not go to graduate school because to do so meant I would be limited to a specialty. I didn’t want to become the