African Americans: Racial Issues in America
April 26, 2017 Michael Stockdell

The single biggest problem we face as a society is achieving the total integration of African Americans into the mainstream culture. While the conflict between African Americans and the national system has been exacerbated in the previous administration, it has

Paying for Government Services
April 19, 2017 Michael Stockdell

One objection I have to the modern progressive movement is that it believes that the government should be responsible for “social justice,” which means evening out the playing field.  I do not believe this goal is possible, mainly because the

History of the Career Civil Service
April 12, 2017 Michael Stockdell

The current Civil Service system goes back to the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883. Back then, the size of the federal government was growing rapidly because of, among other things, the post–Civil War economic and demographic expansion and such

Civil Service Reform
April 5, 2017 Michael Stockdell

For the most part, it is next to impossible to fire a career civil servant, regardless of how incompetent or disruptive he or she may be. I wrote earlier in this book about two persons in my own division in