How (or How Not) to Choose a Presidential Candidate
February 20, 2017 Michael Stockdell

The election that concluded in November was one of the nastiest, most polarized in American history—a nastiness that is still going on and probably will for years to come. In my opinion, there are several reasons why this has happened.

Resolving the Pay Gap Between Men and Women
February 15, 2017 Michael Stockdell

[caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Gender Wage Gap Warning by Mike Licht[/caption] Let’s look at several factors that contribute to the pay gap—and some things which could be done to make things fairer. First, there is the short-term mommy track. According

Limiting Terms of Federal Judges
February 8, 2017 Michael Stockdell

The founding fathers elected to make federal judgeships lifetime appointments. In doing so, they reasoned, courts would be free of faction. Never having to face election or reappointment, they would be independent actors, dispassionate, thinking only of the common good.

Text of the Amendment to Reform the Constitutional Amendment Process
February 1, 2017 Michael Stockdell

Introduction of Amendments. Application for amendments to the US Constitution may be accomplished in one of the following ways: First, by an affirmative vote of the legislatures of three-fifths of the states. Second, by an affirmative vote of three-fifths of