How Our Government Distorts the Social Security Trust Fund and Deceives the Public
November 30, 2016 Michael Stockdell

    Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article about Social Security funding that said that the trust fund, or whatever you want to call it, had run a deficit in receipts since 2010, but that was all right

Ms. Clinton’s Redistribution Plan That Doesn’t Redistribute
November 23, 2016 Michael Stockdell

Continued… Also not paying their fair share, according to the Clinton advertisement, are corporations. The top marginal tax rate for big companies is 35 percent and, according to their reasoning, should be much higher. Of course, every penny taken out

Ms. Clinton’s Redistribution Plan That Doesn’t Redistribute
November 16, 2016 Michael Stockdell

Locally, Hillary Clinton has been running one advertisement ad nauseam. It features a graphic showing a city skyline, presumably “Wall Street,” and comments on the disproportionate share of taxes paid by the ordinary citizen as opposed to the top 1

How I Became Disillusioned with Public Service
November 9, 2016 Michael Stockdell

This experience was not the end of my disappointment with government service. The quality of my fellow employees in the Operations Analysis Staff ranged from mediocre to counterproductive. Granted, it was a staff organization with a fairly vague charter. And