The country is split between those who believe in Big Government and those against. Michael Stockdell, like all who fall into the anti-Big Government camp, is dismayed by the all-too-serious shortcomings of the political system and wants to do something about it. He makes it possible through this book.

The first part of the book discredits the Big Government view through pointing to the failures of various programs. It closes with an enumeration of the reasons why the Big Government idea most often fails. The second part enumerates the possible reasons why people are so enamored of the Big Government idea.

Next, Michael proposes a number of Constitutional amendments and a way to pass them without Congressional involvement. Collectively, these amount to one of the most searching re-evaluations of constitutional principles since the Federalist papers. Finally, he proposes a large number of policies, for the most part broad-brush, aimed at simplifying current government programs, correcting failures of some, yet retaining the safety net and some notion of social justice, especially where it comes to the racial divide.


Michael Stockdell was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Virginia. He has written several poems and short stories, as well as two novels. More than an author, he worked as a systems analyst, data processing manager, and management consultant. He also spent three years working in the federal government. In addition, Michael Stockdell has an MFA in fiction writing as well as a master’s in social work. He started to write The Solution in 2011 but he failed to finish it in 2012. In 2015, he decided to pick up where he left off and finally finished the book in the spring of 2016.


If a business had managed its retirement plan the way the government has managed Social Security, that plan would be declared bankrupt, and the officials responsible would be spending time as guests of the state.

Countries that have adopted a social democratic system find themselves committed to programs that cannot be sustained. When the social contract that lies behind these programs is breached, there’s hell to pay with the electorate.

Disenfranchisement does not only mean being deprived of the right to vote. Disenfranchisement also occurs when you are actually or effectively deprived of the value of your vote by forces over which you have no control.

Then why, after the disastrous, long-lasting recession caused by these obvious frauds, was no banker tried for their part in the subprime scandal. The question that keeps being asked has a simple answer: to reveal the complicity of all the players in the financial industry is to reveal the role government agencies, Congress, and other governmental actors played.

There is a misconception about these two terms (liberal and progressive), e.g. that they are synonymous. Aside from the fact that no two words in the English language mean exactly the same thing, these words refer to very different political ideas.You can be a liberal, even in the bastardized way we use it today, without being a progressive, and the reverse is also true.

The Republican Party, unable to settle on a consistent vision of its own, and overly focused on unpopular social policies, has certainly aided the president’s cause.

The more complex regulations get, the harder it is for the good guys to function within them, and the easier it is for the bad guys to find ways around them.

Every time I hear the word “comprehensive” I want to take off for the territories.

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Foreword Clarion Reviews

“This is an entertaining, provocative, and thoughtful presentation of one man’s opinions on the federal government.

Briskly paced and engaging, The Solution deals in more than just politics. Stockdell uses insights gleaned from his eclectic personal studies in economics, religion, sociology, psychology, history, and philosophy to inform his opinions. Drawing on his wide-ranging interests and limited experience as a federal civil servant, the book offers a wealth of ideas. All are well organized and presented, moving from the abstract to the concrete and suggesting thoughtful solutions, including amendments he’d like to see added to the Constitution.”

BlueInk Reviews

“Stockdell considers himself to be a ‘peculiar bird who is a bit on the right and a little bit on the left.” But conservatives will feel more at home with The Solution’s outlook. Not that liberals shouldn’t read it; it presents the other side without the inflammatory mudslinging and personal attacks to which we’ve become accustomed. In short, The Solution is a fresh look that abounds with interesting remedies worth debating.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This is a wide-ranging analysis that covers everything from gun control to the Electoral College. The author certainly has his political commitments (the book is inspired by Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, which advocates individualism), but each section is written with impressive moderation.

A thoughtful, if overextended, critique of big government.”

—Ronnie M. Kershaw, Indianapolis, Indiana

“This book is full of emotional intellect that exactly answers our questions. Every one of us hungers for the truth, which the federal government obviously withholds from us. The author paves the way for understanding as he pinpoints the core of political jeopardy. He communicates it the way Martin Luther King Jr. did in his African-American Civil Rights Movement. An excellent read.”

—Amy Moir, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“It is an eye opener to every reader. I would really love to recommend this book to my friends who blindly think that there’s nothing wrong with our political system. This will knock them awake, for sure.”


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